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Who we are

The Triumph Heart Organization (THO) is a non-profit organization that is committed to supporting children with (multiple) disabilities in the most basic life matters such as social, medical and educational and also to help families in various ways by providing various forms of care, information and education. The starting point here is that the family has an active role in the assistance and contributes in some way to the costs and responsibilities The idea and inspiration to set up the organization arose after we realized that there is insufficient good and professional medical care for children within, among other things, the more remote areas in Uganda. This poor health care and the poverty, the one-sided food supply possibilities and many other problems were also the urgent necessity for the birth of THO in 2022. THO contributes in one way or another to a good upbringing and takes on the necessary parental responsibilities. Founded from an interdenominational faith background, Triumph Heart Organization is a Christian faith based organization to provide a hopeful future to children with disabilities through evangelism. In this, faith plays an important role and symbolizes the connection between God and the children in communities in Uganda through evangelism.

Israel Karahukayo


Israel has been the Triumph Heart Chairman since Oct. 4th, 2022. Originally from Mbarara in Western Uganda, he holds a bachelor’s degree in mass communication and a post-graduate diploma in psychology and counselling. A few of his gifts include teaching spiritual knowledge, being a prophet, a spirit of discernment, and songwriting. He loves empowering young people to become who God has called them to be. He does this by teaching them to develop their spiritual, physical, and mental skills and helping them grow in self-confidence.

Joshua Gasana

Director of Treasury

Joshua Gasanah holds a fine arts degree and an accounting diploma. As an accountant and administrator, he has worked in schools and organizations over the years. He has been working in charity accounting and business accounting for over eight years. He has a heart of love and understanding for all people and is a caring individua

Joseph Zirabamuzale

General Secretary

Joseph Zirabamuzaale Mukungu has been a director and Secretary General of Triumph Heart since April 2022. His degree is in development studies. Over the past two decades, he has worked for and founded several non-profit organizations, including the Little Children’s Education Trust. As a result of his extensive knowledge and experience working with NGOs and charity work, he became a successful mentor for several start-up organizations in Uganda and East Africa.

Triumph Heart's special advisors

Teresha Clark (UK)

Social worker,

Teresha Clark (45 year from the UK) has worked in various roles in Uganda since 2004. She has a lot of experience working with people, particularly children. Her experience includes leading a variety of community-based organizations. As a child Teresha had severe dyslexia and struggled a lot educationally, which led her disabilities, having a heart and passion for people with disabilities. She saw that children with disabilities were very poorly supported when she was in Uganda between 2001 and 2002. It was this experience that inspired her to move to Uganda in 2004. There she started working with children with disabilities.

Michiel Scholten (NL)

Organization expert

Michiel Scholten (The Netherlands 63 years old ) Specialized in organizational structures, writing and development of organizational plans, short and long term, and project management. Michiel and Teresha have, among other things, a controlling task about the incoming and outgoing cash flows and taking care of the website. This in addition to monitoring the project planning.

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