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Peace, 11 Years

My name is Peace, I am 11 years, I walk on the side of my feet I suffer from bad pressures sores on my feet they look like holes right now, and flies keep coming onto my feet and bringing infections. I am tired of constantly going to hospitals where they treat me for a few days but later it’s the same thing. I am missing school and I am really sad, Josh is cool and I love his suggestion that I no longer use the sides of my feet to walk but I can get a wheelchair as I am too old for surgery now on my feet. I am a happy girl when I am not in pain!

Gladys 7 Years old I have Cerebral palsy

I am Gladys, I am 7 years old I haveCerebral palsy, In March I had a visitor who told me to come to come and meet some doctors on the 7th of April. My mum decided we should go and see them and see how they can help me. I explained my situation, that I was getting help from a hospital that said they can’t work with me in the area of physiotherapy until I no longer had blood clots. Samuel disagreed, said the blot clots would increase until my body got circulation, josh started on physiotherapy I feel much better. Samuel also gave me some porridge and guided my mum on how to feed me. I spend my life lying down and I need a chair that can support me instead of sitting down.

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