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People with (multiple) disabilities are very vulnerable in Uganda. They are often rejected by family and their community for various reasons.
Having a disability in a country like Uganda is often a burden on the whole family. And often the whole burden falls on the shoulders of the mother. As sad as it is, surviving in this poverty requires choices and priorities, with the disabled child often being victimized, rejected and ended up on the street, others are locked up for years because the neighbors would think that a cursed child lives there, with all the consequences of that. Children with disabilities are also often sexually abused. After all, they usually cannot tell what happened to them. Many children with disabilities are often rejected. Being disabled in Uganda is much more than just being disabled, you are a burden and often worthless.
That is why they need our care so much to be able to live with their disability just like other people in the world. In addition, the family and community certainly need the support and information to accept this vulnerable group and help with direct care. The care they receive now is nil for both groups. In addition to the children with a disability, the family certainly also needs support.
That’s why Help Us To Help