Help Us To Help Become A Volunteer

Triumph Heart Organization (THO) is a Christian non-profit organization committed to working with diverse communities to help children with multiple disabilities and support diverse families in providing care to vulnerable children. Our Organization can therefore use your help as a volunteer.
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What makes you a good volunteer at THO?

1. Someone who has a passion for working with children with (multiple) disabilities.
2. Someone who believes and propagates this plays an important role in his/her life.
3. Someone who does not distinguish between different religions, the religion of every child admitted/treated by us is hereby respected.
4. Being able to deal with people and putting the patient’s interests first.
5. A common sense and understanding of the work.
6. Completed training appropriate to the position or as an internship.
7. Good and positive work attitude and work ethic.
8. Accurate and professional work and no distinction in activities.
9. Be on time and be able to work in a planned manner.
10.Know how to deal with different cultures and religions and/or are interested in learning more about them.