Help Us To Help Vivian

Vivian a 3 year old girl has microcephaly.   Vivan’s disability makes it difficult to keep her at a healthy weight. She weighs 5 kg. Children of this age should weigh an average of 13 kg. We give advice to her mother on how to feed her and encourage her to be active with her. Vivian gets four food packages a month, but that’s not enough for a child like Vivian.

Help Us Help Help Vivian. Support us in our fight to keep her at a healthy weight.

Baby with microcephaly (l) compared to a normal head. (R)


What is Microcephaly

Microcephaly is a condition where your baby’s head (Vivian in this case) is smaller than expected. Your baby may be born with a small head or this may become more apparent as they grow. Your baby may not have additional symptoms or the condition may affect her ability to learn and meet developmental milestones for her age. Supportive care and supervision are therefore very important.

MRIs of healthy brain (left) and brain in microcephaly (right)

We hope you also understand the urgency as Kerim understood right away. We hope that you will also want to help these children directly by making a donation. How much? That is of course entirely up to you. Triumph Heart, our children and their families, as well as Kerim, will be very grateful to you.