Kerim Oraz Founder of The African Life and Roof Foundation


In the search for a solution to help those children who really need it, God always extends a helping hand. The same goes for Vivian and 4 other children. When Kerim had some money left over from his donors after his well project, he asked me (Michiel) if I knew a good destination for the money. A destination that would make its donors happy. Of course I told him about Triumph Heart Organization, and that our children could really use his help. I immediately called our chairman Israel to make an overview of which children

could immediately help with the money that was there. We ended up with 2 wheelchairs and nutrition packages for 4 children. Kerim was satisfied with the overview. He could justify to his donors how he had helped these children. When he understood that another child was waiting for a wheelchair and nutrition, he was not satisfied with the help he had offered. He immediately called a friend with the request to support us financially to also give mobility to the last child. Below you can read who Kerim is. A man sent to us by God.

Name: Kerim Oraz
Age 26 years old.
Founder of The African Life and Roof Foundation.
Start foundation 2023 My story begins in the fall of 2022: I traveled alone to Kampala Uganda with the aim of: Helping those who need it most. Since childhood I have heard that large percentages of donated money from large and well-known foundations often end up in the pockets of the directors. I’ve always had a lot of trouble with this. The result is that you donate little or even no more. That’s why I chose to do it myself for once, with my own money. Thanks to the advice of the nice cleaning lady in the hotel where I stayed, I ended up at the National Mosque of Uganda. At the same time, this Mosque is also a government body that has a facilitating function in reaching Social Services (Charity). Thanks to secretary Muhamad Ali Aluma and the good-hearted people of the Mosque, we were able to make a total of 40 food packages. The gratitude and joy of these people has been worth it all. An emotional and wonderful experience to experience. I can tell you that these people live in very harsh conditions. No clean drinking water, which causes many diseases in children and adults, little food and few jobs. Because of this I decided to go back and hopefully mean more to the people of Kampala.
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Now July 2023

I went back to the same village to provide the funds to dig a deep well. The first well in this village. After the supplies for the well had been purchased, the digging and construction of the well could begin. As a result, the entire village is now provided with clean drinking water.

All the money needed came from private donations. For which I thank you. I paid for the travel expenses and the other necessities from my own resources!


Kerim and Triumph Heart Organizaition

I had money left after this to support another project. My attention fell on Triumph Heart Organization, after a tip from a good friend of mine who works for this organization. After listening to his request for help and thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that the need to help the children of this organization was of great urgency. I went out with the chairman Israel Karahukayo to finally buy three wheelchairs. Wheelchairs that are so badly needed for these children. I then went to Jinja with the chairman to distribute the wheelchairs and the purchased Nitrition packages to the children and their families. I can only tell you how happy I felt when I saw all these happy faces. I understood that the help of me and my donors has been so necessary.

We hope you also understand the urgency as Kerim understood right away. We hope that you will also want to help these children directly by making a donation. How much? That is of course entirely up to you. Triumph Heart, our children and their families, as well as Kerim, will be very grateful to you.