To achieve our main goals, we have formulated ten objectives.

In our objectives we distinguish between the affected child, the affected parents and family, the community and the future of the child in question.

We fully understand that it will be a lengthy process, in which it will generate a lot of resistance and difficulty from parents and the community to recognize that there are one or more children or young adults with single or multiple disabilities.

We initially formulated a package of 10 objectives.

  • To trace and monitor children with disabilities in their family circumstances.

  • To recognize this difficult situation for the family as well as the child and to convince the parents and/or other relatives that the affected child and the relatives should be helped.

  • To have the child examined by a (affiliated organisation) group of experts for his/her physical, mental and social well-being.

  • To inform the directly involved family about our findings in several rounds and to discuss an initial plan.

  •  To identify the primary needs for the family, such as physical care, food and clothing. Create a plan of action for the child regarding self-care, medical care, physical therapy, education, and other assistance programs to increase the value of life in the family.

  • To offer sports and games activities for the children and those directly involved.

  • To start a Social, Medical and Educational center (SME center) Here children will stay who cannot function in a family for various reasons and to receive periodic medical examinations and/or help for children living at home. Each action plan will also be drawn up and discussed here.

  • A plan of action for the immediate family to fully accept the child with a disability and to offer the care that is needed.

  • To make a plan of action to provide for any practical adjustments in the living environment.

  • To protect those children who are in an impossible home situation by transferring them to a safe living environment set up by us.