Prosy is 4 years old. Her mother noticed when Prosy was three months old that Prosy’s body was weak, limp and constantly sick. She tried to get an answer by visiting different doctors. Unfortunately, they couldn’t give her a conclusive answer. This is mainly because the knowledge is lacking to diagnose babies with a form of cerebral palsy. The specialist scanners and other necessary equipment are also missing, due to financial costs and of course the knowledge to use them. In addition, most parents cannot afford these tests. In Uganda one must first pay the bill before a doctor takes action. She became desperate that she couldn’t get an answer about the problems with Prosy. Until one day they were told that her baby had cerebral palsy. Via via, Prosy and her mother came to us. Before Prosy came to us, she couldn’t walk or talk. But fortunately because of our patience and determination through, among other things, the physiotherapy exercises we do with her, Prosy is now learning to walk and she can speak a few words, such as yes and papa.
Prosy is slowly making progress in her mobility and communication skills. She obviously still has a long way to go. We are in a positive mood and it is a celebration for her mother and for us to see every little progress. We don’t know if Prosy will ever be able to walk on her own or if she would ever be able to talk properly, for example, but every little progress is one that we are grateful for.

Prosy and her family, as well as we at Triumph Heart Organization are therefore very happy with the help and donation from Karim and his donors to provide Prosy with good nutrition!


We hope you also understand the urgency as Kerim understood right away. We hope that you will also want to help these children directly by making a donation. How much? That is of course entirely up to you. Triumph Heart, our children and their families, as well as Kerim, will be very grateful to you.