In the words of his mother, Erias is a two-year-old child who was born healthy, but fell seriously ill shortly after birth. Although he spent a lot of time in the hospital and was treated by medical professionals, he did not improve. Erias’ mother thinks he has contracted cerebral malaria. During Erias’ illness, he suffered from fever, seizures and difficulty breathing. As a result, Erias became weak and limp, and had difficulty eating. He can only consume pureed or very soft foods as he cannot forego solid foods. Although Erias understands what is going on around him, he needs support to sit and has now been given a small wheelchair through Kerim’s help and donation. Despite its many challenges, Erias has a lot of potential. Thanks to Triumph Heart Organization, he receives nutritional support that helps him gain weight and strength. The organization is confident that, with continued help, Erias will eventually be able to sit without any support.
Erias and his family, as well as we at Triumph Heart Organization are therefore very happy with the help and donation from Karim and his donors to provide Erias with good nutrition!

Cerebral malaria (Plasmodium falciparum) is a leading cause of neurological disorders in children in sub-Saharan Africa. Impaired cognition is a common result of malaria with neurological involvement, and severe cases such as Erias can lead to long-term neurological problems.


We hope you also understand the urgency as Kerim understood right away. We hope that you will also want to help these children directly by making a donation. How much? That is of course entirely up to you. Triumph Heart, our children and their families, as well as Kerim, will be very grateful to you.