Jacques is 13 years old. She was born during a routine delivery at a small local clinic. After a few days, Jacqui started turning yellow and refused to stop crying until her mother took her to a larger hospital. Doctors there said Jacqui was suffering from pressure and circulation problems, as well as jaundice. Jacqui still regularly visits the doctors at the local hospital. They say she has a lot of problems with her blood pressure, among other things. Due to Jacqui’s poor heart circulation, she is not allowed to do physiotherapy exercises. Now, after Jacqui has been with us for a few months and has been given the nutritional supplement, her circulation has visibly improved. Now she can walk. In fact, Jacqui walks and runs around; she is now actively involved in daily activities at home. She does the dishes and sweeps the house and garden. Jacqui unfortunately cannot speak, but she communicates through sounds and signs. Jacqui most likely has learning difficulties because she suffered from jaundice for so long. This long-term illness may have affected her cognitive development and learning ability. Jaqui may have a condition called kernicterus. This is a form of brain damage that occurs when severe jaundice is left untreated for too long. Kernicterus can cause cerebral palsy and hearing loss in addition to cognitive impairment. While Jacqui may never become fully independent, she is active in her home, and we believe Triumph Heart’s support is vital.
Jaqui and her family, as well as we at Triumph Heart Organization are therefore very happy with the help and donation from Karim and his donors to provide Jaqui with good nutrition!

We hope you also understand the urgency as Kerim understood right away. We hope that you will also want to help these children directly by making a donation. How much? That is of course entirely up to you. Triumph Heart, our children and their families, as well as Kerim, will be very grateful to you.