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School sponsorship Children with disabilities are often pushed aside. It is already often very difficult for parents to pay school fees every quarter. Children are often expelled from school because school fees have not been paid. If you have five children and must pay school fees for all of them, include these requirements in your calculations. Parents say one of the last children they fund is a disabled child. Their attitude is why invest in a child who can't support me in old age if I don't have enough money? Disability is not an inability. A disability doesn't stop you from being a lawyer, a teacher, or a business. But because of the stigma attached to disability, many parents see it as something negative. That's why we support children to get an education and become people of significant influence within their country. We work with a school that gives disabled children access to education and enables them to develop. Every child has the right to a respectable future, every future starts with education, regardless of disability or not. We are committed to helping them achieve this goal. As a result of the mixed structure of the school, the children learn together with all other children, breaking the stigma for parents.


How much do you want to donate? Children with disabilities also have the right to education. Of course we are grateful for any donation you make to our school sponsorship program. To really help these children structurally, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that they need your support for at least a year. Education, as we all know, is a long journey. We and our children are very grateful to you. Thanks for your generosity!

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