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Many of the children with disabilities here in Uganda struggle with malnutrition as a result of their disability. Malnutrition can cause several developmental problems. Every week we give nutritional supplements to parents to help their children get and stay healthy, such as gaining and maintaining weight. In our clinics, we weigh the child to check whether it is gaining or losing weight. Weight loss can be harmful. We advise parents on how to provide their children with balanced and nutritious meals to help them maintain a healthy weight and prevent malnutrition. We need people to sponsor a child to receive a weekly nutritional supplement. We would like to ask you not to make a one-off donation. This is because a child only benefits from continuity. We therefore urge you to provide a child with nutritional supplements for a whole year. You don't have to leave it for the money. Especially when you see how much the child benefits from it. Children who need nutritional support also need follow-up. This is to support their parents in learning how to feed their children and teach them what is naturally available in their community.


How much do you want to donate? Children with disabilities cannot do without our nutrition program. Of course we are grateful with every Nutrion donation. But to really help these children structurally, they need your support for a whole year. We and our children are very grateful to you. Thank you for your generosity!

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We and our children appreciate every donation you make! Help us give children with disabilities a respectful and meaningful future. Thanks for understanding.
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